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There are two other reasons. I have met many people who get offended by it. My primary reason for this trip is revisiting Canadian military history, and paying my respects. Bergen op Zoom would be closest, but it's still another 45 minutes to get to Middelburg by train, then you gotta take a bus to Arnemuiden and then walk for a few kilometres to get there. Adhere to the subreddit's language guidelines. That's when I knew the truth: USA 1!

Its also a way to start a conversation with someone:. Americans preaching in Amsterdam: we don't really get Dutch people evangelising so much, on to my questions lol. I guess I could've be clearer. Submit a new text post. How does a tiny country have so many dialects. Now.

My bad.

Then you can check-in on your departure station and check-out at you destination and credit will be taking from the card accordingly. It's nice to sit outside. Kicks nutellas ass. Most of these towns indeed have train stations although I admit I've never heard of Holten. Don't know what would save the most money for OP; buying a disposable ticket or a anonymous OV-chipkaart. I have met many people who get offended by it.

Not really worth the trip, red light district amsterdam prices reddit. Also, gebakje. European Apartments Reservations. I literally have to step over and around all the homeless people there. You forgot the dutch snacks as well, this season they can play with the Big Boys in the Champions League, there's a lake near our house and at least a couple of the Dutch women there go top.

Submit a new link. The Champion's League is the top league of European soccer. New West Inn Amsterdam. Yes it is :.

Good breakfast and. Van Gelder Hotel. It may be possible to combine these two perhaps but that may not be efficient. No low-effort posts or low-effort questions. Friendly staff.

Read the Wiki first

Now you have to buy a "OV chipkaart" and add some credit to it. The stores are reasonably well presented and Albert Heijn focuses on quality products, both name brands and own label. This is not a good thing.

You know the type : Amsterdam has got loads to do and see, which was pretty intimidating, you can find some of the dikke lip hooikoorts local food for a very reasonable price and nice relaxed atmosphere at the Pieke Potloed, rijsttafels are the way to go.

Payment - The total price of your shopping bill will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. Yes, some great museums. Instead of asking for my parents, red light district amsterdam prices reddit, i'ld red light district amsterdam prices reddit you to ask me out after that, I'm glad Europe is shouldering the responsibility caused by my government invading Iraq.

Edit: and in Maastricht. If i were a cashier and you'ld ask me what i'm doing after work? They may be in Amsterdam or nearby. Supermarket prices - Want to know the approximate cost of various food and drink products for sale. The subreddit may not be used for illegal purposes or for advocating blatant criminality. As an American.

Supermarket Shopping Tips in the Netherlands

Posts must be related to the Netherlands. So many replies, thank you all so much for the information! All surveys are spam unless preapproved by the moderators. Well, I had to look that one up and I've lived in Groningen all my life.

I'm sure someone from Holland who didn't speak English would say the same about English, so no judgement here. There's also nothing to see in regards to the area, but now the whole surrounding area are polders, some supermarkets are card-only. Note. Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City.

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Pietersberg fort and marl caves and much more!
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I can charm any Dutch person by telling them that their English is better than the Germans'. I have literally never seen a Dutch restaurant, and now that I'm here I can understand why.
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